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Confident Communication Bootcamp

Training Sessions ($997)

Secret #1

Psychology Of Influence And Persuasion. Breaking through rejection. Building trust. Confident conversations and much more.. 

Implementation Sessions ($1,400)

Secret #2

Practice and deploy immediately all the tool and techniques you learn. This is a safe, friendly environment to practice and improve quickly. 

Core Influence ($297)

Secret #3

Confident Communication manual with advanced strategies, neuro-linguistic programming techniques, and tips to give you the edge

Dialog Outlines

Secret #3

You will always know what to say. Ice breakers, openers, qualifying questions, appointment bridges, objections solutions, and much more!

Mind Matrix Plus ($147)

Secret #3

Reprogram your subconscious for prosperity, discipline, focus, wealth and SUCCESS with 5 custom-made hypnotic audio tracks


ONLY $297

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