Double Your REFERRALS Bootcamp 2021


Don't lose another commission again! Let's build you a system that generates a predictable stream of referrals every month. WATCH THE VIDEO FOR FULL DETAILS. 

Turn contacts into authentic relationships - without being pushy or salesy. Without going Amway on your friends and family. 
Position yourself as the go-to real estate authority based on TRUST using the next-level tools and strategies.  
Build a SYSTEM that creates a predictable flow of motivated buyers and sellers from people who already know you and like you! 

Referrals are the most profitable source of business


Source - NAR 2020 Profile Of Buyers And Sellers

Thanks coach Borino, this year is looking so different from last.  We are enjoying a getaway in Chattanooga while my assistant is back home taking care of my 3 listings that went under contract this week and 2 new listings!! 

Ana Maldonado-Williams

Newman, GA


Many average agents are still using the old stale methods:

Drip campaign emails nobody opens
Boring newsletters with tax advice and pie recipes
Sales scripts "Who do you know..."
Useless, cheap 'branding' swag
Silly lines "I'm never too busy for referrals"

The reality is - this is 2021. Times have changed. Consumers have changed. The 'same old' no longer works. It's time for a new, modern system that generates referrals. 

Meet Your Coach


I started as an agent in Los Angeles. Zero sphere. Didn't know anyone. After a rough start... And I mean REALLY ROUGH - I was homeless for a while, but that's a story for another day... Two bad years and plenty of trials and errors later I finally built a successful business with a large sphere, plenty of transactions and happy clients (and commissions). 

Then, other agents started to come with questions. They wanted help and advice. That's how my coaching company was born. 

Today, 20 years later, I've helped almost 100,000 real estate agents just like you become REAL ESTATE ROCKSTARS and grow their business. Sometimes from zero to 20... 40... even 100 transactions per year.

I build real estate SYSTEMS that bring you good, motivated leads, and turn them into loyal clients, without being aggressive, pushy, or salesy. And without wasting money on expensive or complicated systems. 

After following Borino's program I listed over 19 homes and won an award in Orlando for top agent under 35 so thank you for all. 

Mike Dudley

Orlando, FL


Working with people who already know you and like you

Your Current And Past Clients

You will use multi-channel  methods of good will to generate business (even if you're on a tight budget)

Your Family And Friends

You will turn your inner circle into your loyal real estate ambassadors

Your Neighborhood

You will dominate your neighborhood as the local real estate authority. You will learn how to OWN your neighborhood

Other Agents

You will launch networking methods with other productive agents that turn inbound and outbound referrals into commissions

I took TWO listings this week. They were a direct result of the momentum that I started during Borino's Bootcamp. 

Karen DeGasperis

San Diego, CA


You will learn...

How to build authentic relationships on genuine trust
How to double your sphere database in 65 days
The Referral Psychology: Why people send referrals (and why they don’t)
Plan to close 18 or more referral transactions this year
Establish trusted real estate authority with the next-level tools
How to fix "We didn't know you were in real estate"
The Real Estate School Of Charm: How to be more LIKABLE
The OMNI-PRESENCE Communication Method on multiple channels
...and tons more!

My team has sold close to 10 million in listings using the Borino system in the last 12 months. 

Aaron McPherson

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Imagine Being A Top Agent In Your Area Because You Have A Solid System

Join The Bootcamp and You will Have A complete System in 21 days


We will have 3 weekly interactive coaching sessions where we build your system piece-by-piece, deploying the Omni-Presence Method. During each class you will get plenty of opportunities to ask questions and chat. 


On-demand training. Each session will be recorded so you can come back anytime and study at your own pace. 


Top agents who close hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions from referrals reveal their secrets. They will show you every tool, every system, every strategy, and every step.... Everything that is working for them right now, in today's market. You can watch the in-depth interviews and read the transcripts. 


You will also receive two success manuals. THE REFERRALS PLUS book is loaded with practical advice and tips, as well as strategies you can implement immediately. This is a companion to the Bootcamp. The ROCKSTAR SECRETS book is a transcript of the in-depth interviews, full of of secrets that will elevate your referral business and generate a flow of buyers and leads. 

 Last  3 months changed my life. I closed 21 properties, have 12 other in the pipeline and 8 of them under contract. This week I'm  getting few more listings and it seems like every day is easier to talk to people and get new properties! Borino you are Rockstar Coach. 

Waldemar Komendzinski

Chicago, IL


You will get instant access to the 'Netflix of Real Estate'. 

A huge library of resources, new coaching, inspiration and latest interviews with real estate rockstars to help you get more business NOW. Over 100 sessions and growing... 

How to find off-market properties and motivated sellers right now
BUYER STRATEGIES: Selling a listing in five steps
5 Essential Facebook strategies
Follow Up 4.0 - How to get an appointment this weekend
How to get listings during the covid crisis
How to have a $100,000 summer ...and more!

($1,164.00 VALUE)

($347.00 VALUE)

How to make great real estate videos that attract leads and clients -- with nothing but your smartphone 

How to be comfortable on camera (even if you're shy)
Building your real estate authority status on social media with short videos
Making effective videos without expensive equipment or complicated software 
How to use video when face-to-face communication is not possible

The systems that Borino helped me put in place had me go from my first year making less than $8,000 to a multi-million dollar producer in less than 3 years!!  I am now one of the top producers at my brokerage!

Jessica Stone

Trinity, FL

Referral Bootcamp Live ($997)

Three weekly live interactive sessions

Session Recordings ($100)

Study at your own pace. Access each session online anytime. 

Referrals Plus Manual ($99)

Almost 100 pages loaded with practical advice and tips, as well as strategies you can implement immediately.

Rockstar Secrets ($197)

How top agents close hundreds of thousands of dollars in referrals

Listing University ($1,164)

The Netflix Of Real Estate - with over 100 sessions to grow your business quickly. 

Real Estate Video Plus ($347)

How to make great real estate videos that generate leads and clients - using only your smartphone. 


Referral Bootcamp

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Last Bootcamp I generated $82,000 in commissions.

Gordon Ronstadt

Bellingham, WA

Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is 100% Risk Free. Take the Bootcamp. Review the materials. If you're not happy for any reason, simply let us know within 60 days, and we'll happily refund your money. No questions, no hassle, and no hard feelings.

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