Get A Complete System That Turns FSBOs Into Great Listings

Four weekly sessions starting on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Limited to 50 STUDENTS ONLY so you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get personal attention during each class

Powerful System That Turns Even Hesitant FSBOs Into Clients And Good Listings

Master FSBOs in just 4 weekly sessions so you never have to worry about the 'next listing' problem

Session 1

Deploying your powerful marketing tools. How to setup a productive schedule (it takes less than 60 minutes of work). 

Understanding the psychology of a FSBO seller

Session 2

First contact using text, email, and phone. How to set up easy appointments with a 2-minute conversation. 

Four insight questions to ask during a meeting. How to deploy a non-salesy INFLUENCE Process

Session 3

How to set up follow up that sellers are actually looking forward to. 

Transitioning to a listing appointment as the next logical step without resistance. How to demonstrate they are better off LISTING with you. 

Session 4

Solving objections and stalls with a WIN-WIN scenario. How to overcome discount brokers, high buyer demand, iBuyers, and covid restrictions. 

The 3-Listings A Month plan

All live sessions will be recorded so you can watch and learn at your own pace anytime.

Total Bootcamp Tuition Value:

Optional Upgrade:  Bonus Package


A print companion to the Bootcamp. Where to find motivated FSBOs and how to turn them into listings.  

68 pages of the newest FSBO tips and secrets
No pressure dialogs 
Overcome tough objections
How to follow up with FSBOs without being a pest – and get appointments fast
Easy to follow video lessons on demand
Complete marketing and follow up library



Master powerful language of influence to communicate as a high-status real estate expert... Without memorizing pushy scripts. Without uncomfortable 'closing' or manipulation. 

64 pages of the latest prospecting dialogs, follow up conversations, and power questions that melt resistance and get appointments
42 Dialog cards to control every conversation
Full video library with on-demand lessons


Make 2021 YOUR Year 

Get this powerful system so you can turn FSBOs into great listings and earn plenty of commissions right now. Here is what you'll get: 

FSBO BOOTCAMP($997 Value):

Only $497

FREE for Path Students

A complete system that turns FSBOs into listings

No resistance dialogs and texts
No traditional selling! Master the psychology of influence and persuasion
Solutions to tough FSBO objections
Complete follow up sequence (without being pushy)
A plan to list 3 FSBOs every month

Upgrade Package ($694 Value)

Tools to help you make 2021 YOUR year!

FSBORINO - A printed companion book and course
CORE INFLUENCE - Master powerful language of persuasion  - Printed set

Only $97

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